What we do
Strengthen Churches
As an association of churches, we work together to help strengthen each other through sharing resources. Our associational Director of Missions and his Ministry Assistant serve as consultants to our churches, helping them find needed resources, resolving conflicts, and solving problems.
Start New Churches
We realize that the best way to reach unchurched people is by starting new churches in areas where we have no churches.  As an association of churches we grow stronger by adding new churches.  We also realize that the starting of new churches is accomplished best when individual churches commit to starting new churches.  As an association we encourage each other to commit to starting new churches when and where possible.
Recognizing “missions” as work outside of our own church area of ministry, where we give unselfishly to the advancement of the Lord’s Kingdom without direct benefit to our own church, we encourage our churches to constantly be involved in mission work, by giving, by going, and by praying.  As Southern Baptists we constantly support missions by giving regularly to the Cooperative Program, and through Associational Missions.  We annually support missions by giving to the Lottie Moon Christmas offering for International Mission and the Annie Armstrong Easter Offering for North American Missions, and to our state missions offering.  We encourage and help facilitate our churches taking their people on short-term mission trips locally, nationally, and internationally.  We organize and facilitate associational short-term mission trips to give our people opportunities to experience missions when their church is not able to do so.
Pastor/Minister Support
We provide support to our Pastors and Ministers through encouragement, counseling, consulting and locating resources.  We help Pastors and Ministers relocate when necessary.  We help churches find Pastors and Ministers when requested.  We help find supply pastors, interim pastors, and transitional pastors when requested.  We help train Pastor Search Committees when requested, and assist them as needed.  We help maintain a monthly meeting of our Pastors/Ministers and their wives for mutual support and fellowship.
Conflict Resolution
Because we believe that conflict and division are unhealthy for our churches, our Director of Missions serves as a conflict consultant for our churches and as a conflict mediator when the conflict can not be managed within the church itself.  When church conflict becomes too intense for the church and the Director of Missions to manage, we organize a team of Pastors and/or members from other churches to assist in the conflict resolution.
Problem Solving
When our churches encounter problems that they can not solve by themselves, our Director of Missions and his Ministry Assistant help by consulting and trying to find needed resources, and by encouraging our other churches to lend support when possible.
We believe fellowship is necessary if we are going to work together as churches.  We help facilitate fellowship between our churches and organize events which encourage fellowship.  We help maintain a monthly meeting of our Pastors/Ministers and their wives for mutual support and fellowship.
We facilitate communications between our churches and their leaders. 
Our Director of Missions and his Ministry Assistant serve as liaisons between our churches and our state and national conventions and their agencies.